Frequently AskedQuestions

What is Footballerista?

A global brand with a mission.

Our vision is to create a world where athletes at all levels of professional sports can look forward to a secure future once their playing careers reach their endpoint. Footballerista is an apolitical, non-partisan, and non-discriminatory global brand with a firm belief in fair-trade, equality, and liberty.

When we play together, we win together.

Our mission is to create one united platform where athletes, fans, sporting legends and business ideas are coming together for their love of the game. Through this platform our goal is to empower athletes, give fans the opportunity to see a new side of the game and inspire the future of sports.

One Team. One Goal.

We’re a close-knit group of financial advisors, industry leaders, and technology experts bound by a love for sports and a desire to change the status quo.

How do I create an account?

If you don’t have a Footballerista account yet, go to and click “Sign Up”, or download the app.

Where can I download the Footballerista App?

The Footballerista app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play store.

Is the app free to use?

Yes, signing up and creating a Footballerista account is free.

How do I become a member of Footballerista?

Many of our services are for free, far most enjoy the entertainment and share the emotions.

You may become a member to support our mission as soon as you benefit from one of the services or any promotions of our Supporter network for a second time (by then your savings are most probably already more than the member fee). Or by buying one of our cool products from the platform.

We welcome you at Footballerista as a member to support every athlete’s future. Sign Up.

How can I get my Footballerista member ship for free?

– Invite your friends of which 7 convert to members

– Support us with your own network of 2 of your favourite local companies or stores

– Benefit of an offer of a Footballerista Supporter yourself for a second time

– Or buy one of our key products and start earning tokens on top of it

Sign Up

How does the loyalty program work?

Every time you interact with our platform (e.g. like, share), you earn points that can be redeemed against exclusive collaborations and platform-only offers.

In other words, Footballerista rewards users with F- tokens for their loyalty and activity on the platform. Ownership of this utility token gives users access to a wide range of attractive opportunities and discounts.

What is the difference between a fan, athlete and supporter account?

Fan accounts are intended for avid fans, recreational athletes, and open to all football lovers at heart.

Athlete accounts are intended for professional athletes, still active or retired.

Supporter accounts are intended for small and local medium enterprises, which participate and share their products and services with the Footballerista fan community.

Which account type should I choose?

Select the account type based on your role, and what you want to accomplish at Footballerista. This helps us optimize and tailor the experience to your personal or professional needs.

Fan (Sign up)
As a fan you will be joining a community of like-minded fans, athletes, and football legends, and gain access to exclusive Footballerista offers and broad variety of services, promotions, and lots of emotions only sport can provide you.

Athletes (Sign up)
As an athlete, you can share your sport-themed and other personal stories with a select community of fellow athletes, and die-hard fans.Support your fan community or your legacy, watch your renown grow, and monetize your legacy by joining the Footballerista foundation.

Supporter (Sign up)
Intended for local SMEs, such as store-owners, service-providers, and other entrepreneurs, who wish to promote their products and services.

You represent a company that is eager to offer high-quality products or services to our growing community of football fans , athletes, and clubs. You see value in exclusive Footballerista products and would like to offer or recommend them to your existing audiences.

  • Access a community of potential new customers
  • Offer exclusive products and create new revenue streams
  • Explore partnerships and increase visibility for free
  • Gain back control over your personal and company’s’ data in Footballerista’s closed and protected digital environment. Use it at your benefit to attract a fast-growing community of prospects and customers
  • Advertise your products and services for free
  • Challenge our search engines to match your interests
  • Draw further attention to your local store by selling Footballerista products
  • Meet with a like-minded community
  • Access a fast-growing sales and marketing channel
  • Get rewarded by tokens, which you can spent to advertise your product

What is a product partner?

Intended for SMEs or large enterprises, who wish to become a sponsor or partner-up; embodying Footballerista’s story and advocate its mission.

How can I participate at Footballerista as a corporation or a global brand?

You represent a company interested to explore co-branding or private labelling with us. You would like to collaborate with us, and our community of sporting legends, athletes, and fans with the aim to create exciting new campaigns, products, or services; all in line with our shared values and mission. Please get in touch with us by

  • Collaborate with star athletes
  • Work with industry leaders
  • Co-create relevant offerings

What is the idea of investment opportunities at Footballerista?

Business cases and ideas that are aligned with Footballerista´s vision, mission, and respective audiences.

You have a brilliant service or product idea that has the potential to improve the lives of our ever-growing community of fans and supporters. You believe that our network of top athletes and football legends can see your venture as an exciting new investment opportunity. Please get in touch with us by

  • Gain access to our global community
  • Get legal, sales & marketing support
  • Attract private investors

Can I use a supporter account for personal use?

You can’t; however, you may have a separate support partner and personal account at same time. Supporter accounts can only be associated with respective local business entities.

Therefore, if you wish to be part of Footballerista also as a personal user, please join the Footballerista community as a “Fan” or “Athlete”.

How do I contact Footballerista?

Please send us your message at and we will get back to you in the shortest time possible.