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Stay connected with your world of fans, sponsors, like-minded athletes, and the chance to stay in the game long after your sports career has come to an end.


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Out of 300 million active soccer players worldwide, nearly 40% end their careers in serious financial difficulties. We created Footballerista to redefine the playing field. We are reuniting former athletes with their fans to unlock economic potential for them, and everyone involved to create a more secure future.

Play Together.
Win Together.

By uniting athletes, fans, companies and products on one platform, we enable mutual support. We are creating a microcosmos, a self-propelling ecosystem that will have a lasting impact not only on the future of athletes, but also on the future of everybody involved.

One Team.
One Goal.

We are a unified team of elite athletes, sports officials and associations, financial advisors, industry leaders and technology experts who have joined together under the mission of Footballerista to change the status quo. Footballerista is apolitical, non-partisan and non-discriminatory. We stand for fair trade, equality, and liberty.

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